Worlds Largest Pac Man Install & First Play

I chat to an operator while he unboxes and installs The Worlds Largest PacMan!

I went on the hunt for some descent games at Skegness on the east coast recently hoping to see at least one or two retro 80’s games there that I remember playing as a kid.. It seems the retro stuff is long gone from what I could see.

Whilst scouting every arcade I walked past in Skegness and Ingoldmells I came across an operator and his staff unboxing and setting up a brand new game, ‘The Worlds Largest Pac Man’.

The screens were being unboxed and put together at the time and it looked like it would be some time before the game would be ready to play.

By the time I came back, the operator was just finishing off the installation of the coin door which was different to what you’d expect on a classic arcade cabinet, this one had a single lock but it was ratcheted with two steel bars securing it into it’s locked position at both sides of the door.

The op was a really nice guy and we had a good chat about the games, I asked if he had any retro games in storage but sadly, he didn’t have anything left.
I could be wrong but I’m sure he told me that the ‘Worlds Largest Pac Man’ cost £10,000.

Djrouge talks to operator setting up new Worlds Largest Pac Man arcade machine
I know this arcade find isn’t an 80’s original game but I have to admit, it was great to play and with the giant screen being made up of individually lit blue, red and green LED’s, It kind of achieved the lower resolution and CRT feel that you’d expect from an original CRT.
The game was loads of fun to play and it was pretty cool being the first players to test the game once the operator had finished installing it.

The game comes in two main sections, the floor standing screen and a lectern style control panel cabinet. Dimensions (mm):  W1753   D2667 supplied by Bandai-Namco

Many thanks to the operators who were extremely friendly at Las Vegas Amusements which is located at the front of Skegness pleasure beach Fayre.


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