1981 Artic Cabaret Arcade Cabinet. Part2

First time laminating an arcade cabinet & Painting here’s how it went.


OK so I spent ages stripping the old laminate off, I tried numerous methods but thankfully I had a heat gun. Even after I’d removed the laminate though I had to heat the old glue and scrape as much off as I could before I sanded the wood. If you don’t get enough glue off it just clags up your sanding pads like stink nuggets on a sheep’s arse!

On to the laminate then..

I purchased mine from Lawcris, it’s premium quality laminate, just like Formica I think it was 0.8mm thick. It was the cheapest good quality stuff around at the right size. Check them out HERE

Came extremely well packed in a large box and quick delivery too.

I followed the same process as John when he did his Rock-Ola Jump Bug Restore Part 7 and it worked an absolute treat. In fact I was blown away by how successful it came out.
This cabinet is the practice run for future dedicated cab restores, it’s going pretty well so far. Especially given the poor condition it was in. Waterlogged, damp, swollen and mouldy. It’s starting to look quite tidy.

Now it’s onto the metal parts.. Lots of heat gun, scraping and sanding to get the rust off. Then sprayed with Hammerite and finished with satin black.

The cab looks presentable now and ready for re assembly so lets crack on..

I’ve just started putting the other parts onto the coin door..

In the next updated I’ll be putting the rest of the parts onto the coin door and making a start on the control panel, fitting new buttons and joystick.

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  • March 3, 2017 at 7:34 pm Reply
    Nice skills Sir. I love my router, both handheld and table. Easily the most used tool in my little workshop. This blog rocks. Great subject matter - check Lots of photos - check Descriptive anecdote about a sheeps bum - check Happy days.

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