1981 Artic Cabaret Arcade Cabinet. Part 4

It’s been ages since I’ve posted any update to the Artic cabinet project, I purchased some mutli game side art from Phoenix Arcade. It was the one that John Jacobsen from Johns Arcade designed for a competition and won. Gotta say, the fact that John made it means a lot to me as his videos have captivated me and motivated me to want to work on old arcade games, and it just so happens it’s very tasteful and not over the top.

Heres how applying the art went for me anyhow, obviously you should youtube for a tutorial video but I like to document what I’ve done on my site either way.

First of all, I marked out with a pencil where to I wanted it to go and just sprayed the cabinet with water so I could slide the vinyl into position and deal with air bubbles as I apply it, I peeled some of the backing down and cut it off to give me a start and begun to apply it whilst rubbing excess water and air bubbles from centre to the outside until completely flat and bubble free..


It was the first application of side art I’ve done and have to say, it’s not that difficult if you take your time and research it a bit before you do it.

Here’s what mine looks like now it’s on:

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